About Us

About the Development of the BitSignal

As professional traders, we have come across a wide array of trading software platforms and had the opportunity to use these when making trades. From our experience, we were able to identify great features in these trading software apps, as well as elements that should be avoided at all costs.

With this insight, we decided to develop something that would help us offer an opportunity to those who don’t have the time or financial success to embark on a journey of trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. That’s when the idea of BitSignal was born.

We then got to work to achieve our objective of making this trading platform that would provide the opportunity of investing in trading opportunities for everyone. In the end, we were able to offer this by incorporating several features into our software, including a demo trading account for beginners and one of the lowest initial deposit amounts provided.

In implementing these features, we're able to cater to those who don't have any experience, as well as others who lack the financial means to invest large sums of money into these trading activities.

What Are Our Principles?

All that we wished to achieve from establishing the BitSignal trading software was to offer the opportunity to participate in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency trading activities. Thus, our primary principles that make up the foundation of our entire BitSignal trading system are transparency and efficiency. How do we offer this?

We offer transparency and efficiency by developing a simple and quick registration process that details everything that's needed from you. Every step is clearly identified, and all the features included in each phase are outlined. Thus, you know exactly what's required from you and what costs you're liable to pay.

All of our services are free. We don’t charge for being a member of the BitSignal community, and we pride ourselves on offering a trading platform that's without any hidden costs. All you need to pay is the initial deposit of $250, which is used to fund your trades. You have the ability to deposit more and have complete control over this money.

Trade Bitcoin Today!

All of these principles are formed and implemented to align with our main objective of offering a trading software platform that allows anyone to trade Bitcoin. Efficiency ensures that our trading platform can allow you to make trades without enduring a drawn-out registration process. At the same time, this transparency enables you to trade with peace of mind knowing that we have your back, even if you’re new to the trading world.