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What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are known as a form of currency that features digital files as money. These cryptocurrencies employ blockchain technology. This means that all transactions are recorded on a public list that's stored on servers across the globe.

The elements that are making up these cryptocurrencies aid in reducing fraud and double-spending. In addition to this, all of these transactions can move from the sender to the receiver in a matter of minutes, even for international transfers. The first and most popular cryptocurrency is Bitcoin.

Why Are Cryptocurrencies Important?

There are a variety of reasons that make cryptocurrencies important. One of these reasons is the feature of blockchain technology.

The elements of blockchain technology offer a trustless and decentralized nature to cryptocurrency. When making transactions with cryptocurrency, these transfers are recorded on a singular blockchain. Those who use this blockchain (whether to send or receive virtual currency) are provided with easier traceability, enhanced security, and greater transparency.

One of the greatest characteristics of using Blockchain technology originates from its transaction ledger, which is equipped with public addresses that offer open viewing to all individuals. These transactions can also reflect instantly, even when sending more receiving money overseas.

In addition to this, its decentralized nature allows minimal transaction fees and regulations, which is unlike centralized currencies that subject to these fees. Not to mention, its decentralization means that it isn't vulnerable to governmental or institutional interference or manipulation.

Cryptocurrencies for the Future

Many traders and ‘business people’ have identified the advantages of investing in Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrency. These advantages have the ability to add a lot of value to investors' lives in the short and long-term. The reasons for this are:

Trading That’s Tax-Efficient

Bitcoin is known to be incredibly tax efficient. Trading CFDs on cryptocurrencies provides a significant amount of tax benefits compared to buying these virtual currencies. When trading these CFDs on cryptocurrencies, you’re able to offset your losses against your funds in your trading account. Thus, making it useful for hedging.

Fast Account Opening

When trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you aren’t required to access the exchange directly. This is because the BitSignal trading software provides members already being exposed to the market on their behalf. Thus, you don't need to set up as well as manage your exchange account. Due to this, you're able to set up your BitSignal trading account and trade more quickly. When conducting the BitSignal registration process, you have the opportunity to begin trading in mere minutes.

The Volatility

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, make the market incredibly exciting. This is because of the rapid movements in the value of these cryptocurrencies that offer a broad range of opportunities to those who are trading these virtual currencies. With that being said, this volatility is also known to bring increased risks when trading.

Thus, this volatile nature can be seen as an advantage and a disadvantage. However, it's highly dependent on the market research and analysis that these traders conduct when formulating their trading strategies. Keep in mind that a well-thought-out trading strategy is going to serve the trader well when facing the volatile conditions of the Bitcoin trading market.

Why Should You Trade Bitcoin?

There are various reasons that make Bitcoin a viable cryptocurrency trade. However, some of the most common and popularized are:

  • Gaining the ability to take advantage of tax benefits offered from CFD trading.
  • If you wish to avoid paying withdrawal and deposit fees.
  • You want to receive exposure to multiple exchanges from a singular account.
  • You wish to begin trading immediately.

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Why Choose Us?

Our main objective of creating the BitSignal trading software was to offer cryptocurrency trading opportunities for everyone. We have equipped our software to align with these ideals. For this reason, those who have no trading experience, and those who don't have the financial means to invest large sums of money into trading have the opportunity to conduct cryptocurrency trading activities.

The BitSignal trading platform has been created for the members of the trading community. For this reason, our BitSignal trading software is designed with our members in mind. We offer a free service that doesn't have any hidden costs. All you need to do is fund your trading account with a minimum of $250. This is entirely your money, and you have complete control over it.

In addition to this, we also have a demo trading account that offers the opportunity for traders to test out their trading strategies until they feel confident enough to enter into a live trading session. As traders, we have had to spend a lot of money testing out their strategies. We don't want our members to have the costly trading experience we had when we were first starting out. For this reason, we have incorporated this demo account into our BitSignal trading platform.

When joining our BitSignal trading community, you can rest easy knowing that you’re part of a system that cares about your trading experience. We only wish to give you the best trading experience and help you build your trading skills as you become more experienced in the world of trading Bitcoin.

How Can You Create a BitSignal Trading Account?

To use our trading software, you need to be a member of the BitSignal trading community. Don’t worry! Unlike other trading software platforms, you don’t need to jump through hoops and provide ridiculous amounts of information to become a member.

At BitSignal, we understand that time is money, and we don't wish to waste yours. We would rather help you save time and empower you to spend it trading instead. That's why we have made our account registration process incredibly easy. We have done this by condensing this process into three easy-to-follow steps. All of the requirements of each step are labeled below for you:

1. Step One: Verify Your Information

First, send us your contact information so that we can create your account. This is the information we need to start:

Full name       E-mail address       Phone number

After we have received this information, we're quickly going to verify that the information you've provided us with is correct. After successfully identifying your details, we're going to send an email to the email address you have given us. This email contains a verification link that's used to verify your email address, as well as activate your BitSignal trading account. When you receive this email, you need to click on the link to start trading on the BitSignal trading platform.

There are some traders who wish to trade without providing any information. This is a very insecure method of conducting trades that isn’t approved by Bitcoin itself. It’s for this very reason that we, at BitSignal, don’t wish to encourage this type of trading. Thus, we can’t accommodate such individuals.

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2. Step two: Deposit $250 into Your BitSignal Trading Account

The second step in making up the account creation process is to deposit $250 or more into your trading account. After you have activated your BitSignal trading account through the verification link, you then need to fund this account.

This deposit is conducted under strict and secure platforms, so you can have peace of mind when making this transaction. All of your card’s information is encrypted with end-to-end military-grade encryption.

It’s important to understand that the money deposited into your BitSignal trading account is only your money. We don’t take a percentage of these funds. In addition to this, you have complete control over how you use this money to make trades.

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3. Step three: Begin Trading Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

The final stage of this account registration process is to set your trading parameters. This a vital part of the registration process. For this reason, we highly encourage traders to take their time during the process of selecting their trading parameters.

Thus, you should analyze the market conditions to understand the state of the trading market better. This helps you make educated decisions regarding the marketing strategies you would like to implement into your live trading session. We also encourage our traders not to set unrealistic trading parameters.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the BitSignal platform for free?

Yes, the BitSignal trading platform is available for all members to use for free. In order to become a member, you need to undergo the BitSignal registration process. This involves providing us with essential information, funding your trading account with no less than $250, and setting your trading parameters. After doing this, you’re able to trade with the BitSignal trading software without any fees. It’s also important to note that the $250 used to fund your trading account is entirely yours to control and use. We don’t take any of this money. This deposit into your trading account is used to fund your trades.

How does Bitcoin trading work?

Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrency trading, works differently from alternative types of trading. Due to the volatile nature of this virtual currency, the value of Bitcoin is incredibly unpredictable. Thus, you need to make more calculated decisions after developing educated trading strategies. However, the general idea around Bitcoin trading is that you buy Bitcoin at a low value and then sell it at a high value. This can be tricky, as you don't have a clear understanding of when the value of this Bitcoin is going to be high and when it's going to be of low value. In addition to this, these Bitcoin trading conditions can change in an instant. It's for this very reason that you need a trading software, like BitSignal, that can react just as fast to these changes in the market.

Can I use a phone to make trades on the BitSignal trading platform?

Yes, you are able to use your phone to make trades. As part of our objective to ensure that all individuals have access to the BitSignal trading software. We have especially thought about the people that don't have a computer to conduct trades with. In identifying this, we provided a trading platform that could be used on all devices as long as there is internet connectivity. We also understand that traders may want to use a laptop as a primary trading device and a phone as a secondary trading device. This secondary trading device may be used when these traders are out and about but would like to monitor their live trading session. On the other hand, a phone can also be used as a primary trading device.

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